Workshop Service

Our team of trained technicians will be able to talk you through the best solution to your problem, and will keep you updated with the progress of your repair both with phone calls and email updates. All repairs are carried out in our workshop in a secure environment.

Over the Phone Support

The small jobs we can sometimes solve over the phone, without even accessing your computer. This is helpful for issues where your internet is offline, or the device you’re using doesn’t have access to the internet. This is normally the procedure we use when customers report a wireless issue.

Over the phone

Available for when you just cant get to us, for when the job is related to your home network, or when you just can’t bare the thought of unplugging all those wires and then getting them plugged back in to the right holes after your PC has been fixed.

Remote Control

Technology has improved vastly over the years. We can now solve most issues without needing physical access to your computer. This reduces the time it takes to solve your issues, and cuts out potential costs for travel time. A great way to get your problems fixed at the best possible price.

Get in touch

We are located at:
Runway House
North Weald Airfield
Merlin Way
North Weald
CM16 6HR
We are located in front of AMG. There is parking on site.

We are open:
Monday to Friday – 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday – By appointment Only (Remote support / Critical support still accepted)
Sunday – Closed

You can call us on:
01279 249 999

Drop us a message using the form blow: